Reusable Silicone Stretch Lid Covers

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Reusable Silicone Stretch Lid Covers

Eliminate The Use Of Saran (Plastic) Wraps, Save Money And Make A Difference!

A healthier eco-friendly alternative is available now, check out this awesome nifty solution for covering your delicious foods and leftover dinners, as well as that half-cut melon or perhaps the drink you couldn't finish but would love that freshness to stay so you can enjoy it later when you can. 

Well, this truly genius invention can make a difference and eliminate the use of plastics ( saran wraps) in your kitchen. Made of 100% BPA free, eco-friendly and food-grade silicone material, extremely durable and stretchable to fit various sizes, the best part, it's absolutely reusable and heat resistant so it's safe to use in microwaves and dishwashers.

Because of its unique design and micro-suction capabilities, it is airtight and leak-proof, it can turn any of your bowls, pots, and roasting pans, and even Tupperware into instant storage to keep its content fresh.    

Important Tip: Always properly wash lids after every use, and most importantly keep the lids and containers Dry before usage, doing this will expand the life of the product as well as its optimal performance.

Feature & Benefits:

  1. 100% Silicone, BPA Free, Eco-Friendly
  2. Reusable & Durable
  3. Stretchable to fit various sizes
  4. Heat and Cold Resistant 
  5. Airtight seal keeps food fresh
  6. Leak-Proof
  7. 6 various sizes to meet most of your needs
  8. Saves you money (no need to buy saran wrap on a regular basis)


  1. 2.6" = 6.5 cm (will stretch up to 3.5" = 9 cm)
  2. 3.7" = 9.5 cm (will stretch up to 5" = 13 cm)
  3. 4.5" = 11.5 cm (will stretch up to 6" = 15 cm)
  4. 5.7" = 14.5 cm (will stretch up to 8" = 20 cm)
  5. 6.5" = 16.5 cm (will stretch up to 9" = 23 cm)  
  6. 8.3" = 20.5 cm  (will stretch up to 11" = 28 cm)

    • Package includes:  6 x Reusable Silicone Stretch Lid Covers

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