Micro USB Rechargeable Battery

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Micro USB Rechargeable Batteries

Convenient & Sustainable.

Does your home go through a lot of batteries? Our Micro USB Rechargeable Batteries connect to your computer or any power bank to recharge within hours. What’s more, you can use them up to 500 times.

Rechargeable Batteries come with a mini USB cable with a double connector so you can charge 2 batteries at once.

Perfect for remotes, electric toothbrushes, shavers, toys, computer mice and more!


How to Use:

  • Pour milk into the container
  • Add 2-3 tbsp of fresh plain yogurt or 1 gram of yeast
  • Stir the mixture
  • Cover with the lid
  • Turn on and wait

Features & Benefits:

  • Reduce battery waste with USB rechargeable AA and AAA batteries
  • Red LED light indicates the battery is charging, Blue LED light indicates the battery is fully charged
  • The double connector USB charger can be used with phone, power banks, computers
  • AA batteries charge in 8.5 hours
  • AAA batteries charge in 5.5 hours

Product Details:

  • Electric core type: high-quality A+ grade lithium polymer battery
  • Battery life: less than or equal to 3000 times
  • Nominal voltage: 1.5V
  • Rated capacity: 1250mAh
  • Rated energy: 1.85wh
  • Rated output voltage: 1.5V
  • Rated input: one Micro USB input /5V
  • Maximum output current: less than 2A
  • The maximum input current: less than 300mA
  • Charge limit voltage: 5V
  • Full time: about 2 hours
  • Shell material: high-quality fire ABS plastic shell + copper electrode
  • Standard color: Black&Green
  • Quantity: 2, 4
  • Product size: 14MMX50MM
  • Executive standard: GB31241_2014
  • Product certification: Ce/fcc/Rohs/un38.3/msds/ international inspection report

    Package includes:

    It depends on the chosen option. Choose from:
    2 x Micro USB Rechargeable Battery without USB cable
    2 x  Micro USB Rechargeable Battery with a USB cable
    4 x Micro USB Rechargeable Battery without USB cable
    4 x Micro USB Rechargeable Battery with a USB cable

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