Emergency Fire Blanket

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Fire Emergency Blanket

Smothers and Stops Fires from Spreading!

Did you know that most home fires start in the kitchen? With a fire emergency blanket stored in your kitchen, you’ll always be prepared. Most kitchen fires are grease or electrical fires and a fire blanket thrown over these fires will smother the flames.

The fiberglass cloth blanket works by suffocating a fire, so keep one in your kitchen to make your home safer, while giving you peace of mind. What’s more, anyone can use it – no training needed!

Fire blankets are suitable to use anywhere, from warehouses, construction sites, and restaurants to homes and vehicles. Order one for your home and one for the office!


How to Use:

  • Grab the release tape in each hand and pull downwards and outwards
  • Drape blanket over flames to seal off air, switch off the heat source and leave the blanket in position until cool
  • If clothing is on fire, force victim to ground and wrap in the fire blanket
  • Call for medical aid

Features & Benefits:

  • Ideal for kitchen, fireplace, grill or camping safety
  • Extinguishes liquid and grease fires
  • Can be wrapped around your body to act as a heat shield
  • No messy residue to clean up after extinguishing a fire
  • Puts flames out if clothing catches fire
  • Can be used, washed and re-used
  • Cost-effective – unlike fire extinguishers there are no maintenance expenses

Product Details:

  • Size: 1.0 x 1.0m
  • Material: Fiberglass cloth
  • Working temperature: up to 550°C (1022°F)
  • Color: White

Package includes:

1 x Emergency Fire Blanket

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