Magnetic Educational Math Puzzle Toy

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Engage Your Child's Mind

Don't want your kids to be a part of the 'glued on my screen' culture? Let them learn while playing with the Magnetic Educational Math Puzzle Toy!

It's a simple math puzzle that’s educational and can be carried around anywhere. As an alternative to iPads and smartphones, this toy will not only stimulate young children but also help them develop essential skills. It's an educational tool that also adds an element of construction. Great for learning math and counting and mastering fine motor skills, enabling kids to have a good grip on pencils and in their handwriting.

It includes nine numbers (0-9) and four math symbols +, -, ×, ÷, and =. With enough numbers and symbols for working multiple problems at once. Each ring has a magnet with positive and negative poles so you can easily change their positions. It's lightweight and portable. Easy to carry around so it can be used anywhere at any given time.

Give your children the benefit of learning with toys designed specifically for them. Order the Magnetic Educational Math Puzzle Toy today!

Features & Benefits:

Creative and Educational Teaching Toy
✅Increases Motor Skills and Provides a Fun Activity
✅Its Portability Makes It Easy to Carry Around
✅Encourages Kids to Use Their Hands and Fingers
✅Each Ring Is Magnetic So You Can Change Positions Freely
✅Designed for Children at All Developing Stages of Math Skills and Numeracy
✅Great for Homes and Schools

 Product Details: 

  • Material: Plastic and magnet
  • Size:  2.3 x 1.10 inches

How to Use:

Rearrange and rotate each ring to find the numbers to create or solve an equation.

Package includes: 
1 x Magnetic Educational Math Puzzle Toy

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