Cork Yoga Wheel

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Level Up Your Yoga Workouts! 

Want to make yoga a more challenging workout? Deepen your stretches and enhance your flexibility with the Cork Yoga Wheel.

It's a circular-shaped yoga prop that shapes the contours of your body. It offers a more challenging practice while providing support for difficult poses.

It helps release tension and muscular tightness from your back, shoulders, chest, abdomen, and hip flexors. With a double-sided arch design to provide stable support for different positions. Can be used for beginners and advanced users.

This yoga wheel is not just for yoga. It can also be used for strength training, pilates, and other fitness workouts.

Features & Benefits:

✅Build Your Mobility & Flexibility  

✅Strengthen Your Backbone 
✅Give Your Yoga Sessions Creativity
Helps To Ease Tense Muscles
✅Great For Back, Chest, Abdomen, Hips

 Product Details: 

  • Material: ABS, Oak Wood, and TPE
  • Size: 32 x 12cm
  • Weight: 1.4 kg


Package includes: 
1 x Cork Yoga Wheel

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