Contour Precision Gauge

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Duplicate Angles, Corners, and Awkwardly-Shaped Objects with Ease!

Having a hard time duplicating weird shapes for your home, auto, or woodworking projects? Duplicate any shape instantly with the Contour Precision Gauge.

This gauge tool eliminates the guessing of the dimensions of irregular shapes. It duplicates the right shape all the time so you don't have to eyeball your projects. It perfectly conforms to any shape, letting you create an instant template for curved and oddly-shaped profiles. 

Easy and simple to use. Once an object has been contoured, this tool locks in so you'll get the perfect shape. It can be used for any project that needs contour duplication. It's great for measuring moldings for reproduction, copying curves, duplicating spindles, and other contour matching jobs.

Made of high-quality ABS plastic. It's rustproof and durable.

Features & Benefits:

Highly Accurate & Precise Tool for Exact Contour Duplication
✅Measure the Shape of Irregular Objects
✅For Any Kind of Work That Needs the Contour Duplication
✅Suitable for Wood, Tiles, or Stainless Steel
✅Create Instant Templates 

 Product Details: 

  • Material: Aluminum Alloy and ABS Plastic
  • Sizes: 5-inch and 10-inch

How to Use:

Adjust the tightness. Copy the contour. Lock the contour. Mark, crop, and fit.

Package includes: 

1 x Contour Precision Gauge
1 x Adjust Tool

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